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Hiking Boots

Vermont Style Double IPA Spring inspiration blossoms and buds in a nod to some of the original new world IPAs coming out of the Northeast. Hiking Boots is fermented with a variety of yeast referred to as Conan for intense stonefruit aromas to amplify the robust pineapple and peach hop tones from the Cashmere and Simcoe hops. ABV: 8% AVAILABILITY: Available Now in 16oz 4-pack Cans

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Spontaneous 2020: Beckett

Single Vintage Spontaneously Fermented Ale Aged in French Oak Barrels for 12 months Our spontaneous series highlights yeast and bacteria that are native to our unique location. We utilize a Coolship vessel to cool wort and collect surrounding microflora which then ferment the beer. Inspired by traditional Belgian brewing methods we used pilsner malt, unmalted wheat, turbid mashing, aged hops, and an extended boil along with barrel fermentation to create a beer unique to a time and place. Conditioned in the bottle for proper carbonation and added complexity. ABV: 6% AVAILABILITY: 12 – Single 375 mL Bottles – SOLD OUT

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Früt Punch

Kettle Sour with Cherries, Pineapples and other fruits Our FrütPunch is the next beer in our Früt series, following in the footsteps of OverFrüt and RazzFrüt. This variation rides the tidal waves of fruit characters to bring a juicy, jammy and bright blend of Cherries and Pineapples along with Lactose for a silky finish. ABV: 7.5% AVAILABILITY: 12oz 4-pack Cans

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Raspberry Rosé

Kettle Sour with Raspberries Bringing the tart essence of ripe raspberries to the forefront of your tastebuds and giving Rosé a whole new meaning – this fruit filled Kettle Sour is a guaranteed summer thirst quencher. ABV: 4% AVAILABILITY: On Draft, Growler Fills 12oz 4-pack Sleek Cans

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Margarita Gose

Kettle Sour with Lime, Lemon and Sea Salt A Kettle Soured Gose inspired beer brewed with Lime juice and a touch of sea salt for a mild finishing salinity. Bright Citrus notes quench the summer heat with a bright acidity and quick refreshing finish. ABV: 4% AVAILABILITY: 12oz 4-pack Sleek Cans

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DDH Sabro Goofier Boots

Juicy Midwest Double IPA It’s the bigger, bolder, more hoppy cousin to Goofy Boots. This time with Sabro hops for a coconut / minty complement to the fruit forward aroma ABV: 9% AVAILABILITY: On Draft, Growler Fills

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Penrose Mosaic Pilsner

Mosaic Pilsner

West Coast Style American Pilsner Old world style meets new world hops in our Mosaic Pilsner. Brewed with light Pilsner malt it walks a fine line of balance, offering a soft, crisp Lager base and a floral, fruity Mosaic dry-hop aroma. Finishing notes of blueberry muffins and orange candy float on the clean body underneath. Hoppy and Juicy, Crisp and Clean. ABV: 5.2% AVAILABILITY: 16oz 4-pack Cans

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Gummy Boots

Hazy Midwest IPA Collab with Noon Whistle Brewing Collab with Noon Whistle Brewing. Hopped with Nelson, Azacca, Citra. We brewed two different batches at each of our breweries. Each brewery has a different method and process so we kept the ingredients consistent and only varied the process to check it out. ABV: 7.5% AVAILABILITY: 16oz 4-pack Cans

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Fruited Kettle Sour with Boysenberries, Blackberries, Lactose and Vanilla Want more fruit? Jam loads of Blackberries and Boysenberries in to this kettle sour beer and ferment out with a Nordic Kveik Strain for a pop of yellow brightness. Layer in Lactose and Vanilla for a round smooth balance point. It’s a beer unlike any you’ve experienced before. ABV: 7.5% AVAILABILITY: On Tap, Growler Fills, 4-Pack 12 oz. Cans

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Samoa Stout

Imperial Pastry Stout with Coconut, Vanilla and Lactose Flavors of toasted coconut, dark chocolate fudge and vanilla swirl together enveloping your senses in this massively rich, velvety smooth Imperial Stout. ABV: 11.5% AVAILABILITY: 12oz 4-pack Cans

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