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Tangerine Dreamsicle Seltz-Up

Next in the series of the sought after, Lemon Seltz-Up, Tangerine Dreamsicle Seltz-Up includes Tangerine Juice and Vanilla, to bring you back to the days of chasing the ice cream truck and enjoying a cold treat after swimming in your “friend’s” pool. ABV: 6% AVAILABILITY: Sold-Out

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Dank Boots

Rolled up with the loudest new hop strains available, Dank Boots brings the fuel. Strata, Sitiva, Columbus, Mosaic and Cashmere lots selected for the skunkiest profile we could find. Wafting like freshly ground cannabis, this blend opens the dispensary door. Juicy tropical notes powered by diesel fuel and sticky Kush aromatics will have you riding high. ABV: 8.1% AVAILABILITY: No Longer Available Like Dank Boots? Check out Similar Beers: Goofy Boots Lil Boots

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Citra Blast

A tropical wave of citrus blasts through your living room wall like the kool aid man. Like drinking a real hurricane, Citra T-90 and Citra Cryo hops combine to give you that familiar IPA fruit explosion. Pop GTA Vice City in the PS2 and wipe your Dorito fingers on your sweatpants, the joysticks are greasy enough. Let’s have ourselves a blast. ABV: 6.5% AVAILABILITY: 16 Oz. 4- Pack Cans

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Vermont Style IPA 6% ABV No long lines here, hop on first chair and shred some freshies with a gnarly Vermont style IPA. Whether you’re looking to cruise some groomers or hit the backcountry, you’ll find this ripper the perfect aprés IPA. Conan yeast launches down that juicy stone fruit run, with a huge dumping of Simcoe hops for the full send. Grab a can for the ride up the hill, and watch out for Jerry down below.

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Phantasy West

Clear Double IPA brewed with Motueka, NZ Revolution Hop Blend and Star Party Thiolized yeast Collaboration with More Brewing The secret key to the West style is to unlock these thiol precursor compounds using a unique yeast strain from Omega yeast. This engineered yeast can take the precursors found in hops (and even malt!) and shift them into the ultra aromatic fruity tones. Mash hopping with traditional varieties and dry hopping with Southern Hemisphere hops highlight that thiol note and even though it sounds weird, it smells like an exotic cup of fruit sorbet. ABV: 8.5% AVAILABILITY: 16 Oz. 4- Pack Cans

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Phantasy East

Hazy Double IPA with HBC 586, Cryo hops and Phantasm powder Collaboration with More Brewing The haze matrix of a Hazy IPA is the perfect carrier for these hop aroma compounds. The secret key in our arsenal here is releasing the thiol components of Sauvignon Blanc grape skins using a product called Phantasm powder. Cram that together with Experimental and Cryo hops (concentrated hops) and it’s a candied pineapple / dried gooseberry / lychee juice medley that we’re exuberantly excited about. ABV: 8.5% AVAILABILITY: 16 Oz. 4- Pack Cans

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Pink Lemon Seltz-Up

Crafted Hard Seltzer with Real Lemons and Raspberries Next in the series of the sought after, Lemon Seltz-Up, this delicious hard seltzer with lemon purée is the perfect addition to your day with it’s super refreshing lemon tart sweetness and notes of raspberry. ABV: 6% AVAILABILITY: Available Now in 12 Oz. 4- Pack Cans Like Pink Lemon Seltz-Up? Check out our other Seltz-Ups: Lemon Tea-Up Lemon Seltz-Up

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Day Off

An easy drinking IPA for those lazy days at the lake. Cashmere and El Dorado hops bring the lemon lime spritz while Mosaic rides the wave with the new school tropical juice. Bright and refreshing, this light 5.7% American IPA will have you hooked with a spot in the cooler. ABV: 5.7% AVAILABILITY: 16 Oz. 4- Pack Cans

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Geneva’s Finest

Collaboration with Art History Brewing Wet Hopped Saison ABV: 5% Pilsner, wheat and munich malt make up this autumnal saison inspired by harvest season in the hop fields. The star of this beer is a ground breaking product from our hop supplier called ‘frozen fresh hops’. Yakima Chief uses their Cryo technology to pelletize Wet Hops (hops pulled straight from the field and not dried) and preserve the raw aroma of hop harvest. Dank, green resin with a typical saison dryness. AVAILABILITY: 16 Oz. 4- Pack Cans

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Sun Punch

A subtle and quenching American Wheat beer with a blend of fruits and tea to add sunny citrus zest aromas, juicy berry depth and hints of tartness from cranberries and hibiscus. Pack it up, drink it in ABV: 4.8% AVAILABILITY: On Tap, Growler Fills, 4-Pack 16 oz. Cans

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