We constantly add new beers to our taproom lineup. Many of these beers will never make it beyond the four walls of the brewery – unless, of course, it leaves in your growler.

Fresh beer from the source is reason #1 to visit Penrose. So grab a growler, keep it clean, keep it cold and enjoy it responsibly.”

Growler Tips

  1. A clean growler is a happy growler (and the ONLY kind we fill).
    We reserve the right to refuse a growler fill if we feel your growler is not clean.

Growler Cleaning Tips

  • The easiest way to clean your growler is to rinse thoroughly with hot water immediately after finishing it. To ensure a thorough clean, rinse twice, then store the growler upside down on a drying rack that allows air to circulate throughout.
  • If you use your growler often, you will want to periodically use a sanitizer to get a better clean. We recommend using Star San – cleaning directions provided on the bottle.
  • If for whatever reason, a growler wasn’t properly cleaned immediately after finishing, you may need a brush + sanitizer to ensure a proper clean.


       2. We will fill “non-Penrose” branded growlers, but reserve the right to refuse a growler fill if it fails to meet our safety requirements (cracked, chipped, or visibly scarred from poor handling) or if the vessel is of non-standard size / proper quality. We will not fill a clear growler of any kind.

      3. Keep Your Filled Growler Cold and Fresh.
          – Do not leave your growler in a hot car or in direct sunlight.
          – We highly recommend you drink your growler within 24-48 hours.
          – Once a growler is open, drink it, share it, love it – but do it right away.

      4. Not all our beers are available for growler fills.


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