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2019 Spontaneous : Strawberry

This wild project has been a long time in the works for us here at the brewery. It started with a trip to Madison by one of our brewers to meet up with someone as intrigued with wild fermentation as we were. From there birthed an idea that led to a plan that led to a brew that led to a lot of waiting, blending, and more waiting. In fact, that was the hardest part of this whole thing, the down time. Finally however, we have a beer. One that gets the point across and that speaks speaks more to the native flavors of spontaneous and native fermentation than any other beer that we’ve made so far. To explain a little more about the details of this project, let’s first discuss the fact that yeast and bacteria are all around us. The air you breathe and the surfaces you touch contain little single cell organisms that if given the right conditions can make a magic that we like to call fermentation. The method of harnessing these little critters is nothing new, in fact it has been going on for centuries. Utilizing the naturally occurring yeast in the air allows a

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