What inspired the name Penrose?

The Penrose tiling pattern is the perfect balance between art and science. For a Craft brewer in pursuit of the same, we felt the name was spot on.

Learn more about the Penrose tiling pattern here. 

Do you have food for sale in your taproom?

Nope - we only serve beer.

You are more than welcome to bring food in with you, just be sure to bring everything required to consume it (i.e. plates, napkins, utensils, etc). And although we are BYOF - we strongly recommend limiting your carry-in food to smaller items in order to avoid a large mess and/or strong odors that may adversely affect the experience of other guests. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration and understanding!

How do I book a tour of the brewery?

Regularly scheduled tours are coming very soon!

Once available - tour tickets will be $10 and include a guided tour of the brewery, a glass of beer, and you keep the glass. Best deal in this place - we strongly recommend booking your tour on our website in advance. These will surely sell out quickly. 

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How do I book a private event at the brewery?

Please email your event information with desired date/time and any other pertinent details to

Packages include private tours, tastings, and small plate pairing dinners. Prices vary depending on size of group, desired dates/times, time of year, and availability of space. 

Please note - we are first and foremost a production brewery, and although we love when guests visit our taproom, we are not always able to accomodate requests. Thank you in advance for your consideration and understanding!

Do serve any other beverages besides beer?

We serve Penrose beer and water. 

Our liquor license exclusively permits the sale of beer brewed within the confines of our brewery. We do not serve beer from other breweries, wine, or spirits, nor are we able to allow these during private events. 

Where else can I find Penrose beers?

We are still young, and doing our best to expand distribution into the great Chicagoland area. As we continue to grow, we hope to add more and more accounts, and truly appreciate your loyal support. While we work on our own "Where to Buy" section of our website, here is a handy link provided by the good folks at Windy City Distribution to help you find our beer.