Penrose Shandy

Lemon Shandy A tantalizing blend of real lemons and crisp lager, perfect for refreshing your palate all spring and summer long. Embrace the season with each zesty sip, and experience the ultimate in citrus-infused indulgence. AVAILABILITY: Available on Draft, 4-Packs and Growlers To-Go:        Like Penrose Shandy? Check out Similar Beers: Penrose Light […]

Penrose Light

German Style Helles Discover the new golden elixir with Penrose Light, a meticulously crafted German-style Helles beer that captivates with its crispness, balanced flavors, and timeless brewing traditions. Prost to an unforgettable taste experience! ABV: 5.0% AVAILABILITY: Available on Draft and 4-packs to-Go!


German Inspired Oktoberfest Märzen Lager Crafted with a select blend of German malts and hops that highlight a substantial Munich malt bready body to hoist a stein or two (or three) in your favorite fall season. ABV: 6% AVAILABILITY: Coming soon in 2024