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BBA Vanilla Caves Stout

Barrel Aged Stout aged for 16 months with Madagascar Vanilla Beans A chewey, rich and chocolatey Imperial Stout was laid to rest in some freshly dumped “BH” Bourbon Barrels. It was almost ready a few months ago but we decided to let it sit just a little longer to extract the delicate undertones from the barrels to line up with the obscene amount of Madagascar Vanilla Beans that we stripped and tossed in the barrels. We hope you enjoy the dark chocolate chip cookie and fudge brownie flavors with highlights of bakers chocolate and a warming deep whiskey note. ABV: 11.5% AVAILABILITY: TBD

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Pancake Robots

Kettle Sour with Raspberries Flavors of sweet Vermont maple syrup, dark chocolate fudge & vanilla swirl together enveloping your senses in this massively rich, velvety smooth Imperial Stout. ABV: 13% AVAILABILITY:

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Fruited Kettle Sour with Raspberries, Lactose and Vanilla Want more fruit? We’ve got you covered! Jammed with loads of raspberries this Kettle sour is chock-full of bright berry flavor. Layer in Lactose and Vanilla for a round smooth balance point and the result is a beer unlike any you’ve experienced before. ABV: 7.5% AVAILABILITY: 12oz 4-pack Cans

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Neon Shadows

New England Style Double IPA A glowing character from a blend of Cashmere, Mosaic, Amarillo and Experimental hops shine through the hazy matrix of a Double IPA body. ABV: 9.5% AVAILABILITY: 16oz 4-pack Cans

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White Sangria Session Sour

Kettle Sour with White Grape Juice, Tangerines and Raspberries White grape juice, tangerines and a hint of raspberries are showcased ABV: 4% AVAILABILITY: 12oz 4-pack Sleek Cans

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Midwest Vice

Juicy Midwest IPA with Cryo Ekuanot hops This juicy IPA packs a hazy heat with radical flavors of Ekuanot® and Mosaic® hops. Waves of Flaked barley, oats, and raw wheat crash onto the pastel shores of your palate, leaving behind ABV: 7.5% AVAILABILITY: 16oz 4-pack Cans

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Swedish Days Haze

Juicy Pale Ale A collab release with our friends at the Beer Cellar in Geneva for our local festival. Highlighting a uniquely selected hop blend each year on top of a crushing summer brew. ABV: 5.60% AVAILABILITY: 16oz 4-pack Cans

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Double Galactic Boots

Hazy Double IPA with Galaxy Hops Galaxy Hopped Double IPA – Yum. Aromas of Key Lime and tropical tiki drinks, floating on a hazy bed of oats, with a silky wandering finish. ABV: 9% AVAILABILITY: 16oz 4-pack Cans

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