Blueberry Pomegranate Lemon Seltz-Up

Continuing the Seltz-Up series, this delightful concoction combines the tangy zest of lemon with the sweet burst of blueberry and the exotic allure of pomegranate. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors that refreshes and invigorates with every sip. Embrace the perfect fusion of natural fruit essence and crisp seltzer, making it the ideal companion […]

Brewer’s Reserve Caves

Penrose Brewer's Reserve Caves

A rich and robust imperial stout that has been meticulously aged for an impressive 24 months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels. This indulgent brew boasts a velvety texture, intricate layers of chocolate and roasted malt, and a subtle warmth from the bourbon-infused oak, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors for the discerning palate. ABV: 13.5% […]

Coconut Caves

Penrose Coconut Caves

A luxurious imperial stout aged to perfection for 18 months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels, infusing it with a complex tapestry of bourbon notes. This opulent brew is then gracefully rested on toasted coconut, imparting a tropical twist that complements the rich chocolate and velvety malt profile, delivering a decadent and indulgent experience. ABV: 13% […]

Penrose Brewing Unveils Graham’s Chocolate Porter: A Sweet Collaboration with a Purpose

GENEVA, IL – Penrose Brewing is thrilled to announce the release of Penrose Graham’s Chocolate Porter on Friday, November 3, a delectable collaboration with the renowned Graham’s Chocolates, providing beer enthusiasts and chocolate lovers alike with an extraordinary sensory experience. This luscious fusion of chocolate and craft brewing promises to be a highlight of the […]

Graham’s Chocolate Porter

Penrose Graham's Chocolate Porter

Chocolate Porter Penrose Graham’s Chocolate Porter, a collaborative creation by Penrose Brewing and Graham’s Chocolates, is a luscious fusion of chocolate and craft brewing in Geneva. Pouring a rich, velvety brown, this porter envelops your senses with an irresistible aroma of roasted malt and chocolate, using the same chocolate ingredients as Graham’s Chocolates. With each […]

Penrose Brewing Clinches Multiple Medals at the 2023 U.S. Open Hard Seltzer Championship

2023 Seltzer US Open Championship

Geneva, IL – 9/26/23– Penrose Brewing is proud to announce its success at the 2023 U.S. Open Hard Seltzer Championship. This year’s competition featured competition from across the nation, and Penrose was awarded four collective medals for its Seltz-Up series hard seltzers. The competition evaluates seltzers on their quality, taste, and innovation.The U.S. Open Championships […]

Apple Cider Donut Seltz-Up

Apple Cider Donut Seltz-Up

Introducing the highly-anticipated addition to the beloved Seltz-Up series: Apple Cider Donut Seltz-Up, a hard seltzer that captures the essence of a crisp autumn day with the irresistible flavors of real apples, cinnamon, and vanilla. Crafted to celebrate the cozy and wholesome taste of fall. ABV: 6% AVAILABILITY: Returning in Fall 2024 Like Apple Cider […]

Spooky Boots

Penrose Spooky Boots

Our latest addition to the Boots Hazy IPA series, this bewitching brew is a tantalizing blend of Citra, Mosaic, Lotus, and Simcoe hops, expertly crafted to deliver an unforgettable hoppy experience. But that’s not all – Spooky Boots holds a spectral secret, a dash of Phantasm powder sourced from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. […]

Blackberry Lemon Seltz-Up

Penrose Blackberry Lemon Seltz-Up

Next in the series of the sought after, Lemon Seltz-Up, Blackberry Lemon Seltz-Up includes the real lemons but now adds a rush of real blackberries to add even more juice and a jammy depth to the fan favorite. ABV: 6% AVAILABILITY: Available on-draft in the Taproom 4-Packs SOLD OUT 2023 U.S. Open Hard Seltzer Championship – […]