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Are you new to the enjoyment of craft beers? On this post, we offer some basic definitions to help you get acquainted with the excellent beverages awaiting you at Microbreweries Geneva IL like the Penrose Brewing Company:

-Ale. An ale is beer that ferments with the use of top fermenting yeast. Ales usually ferment at higher temperatures than other beers like lagers.

-Fermentations. This term refers to the conversion of a fermentable sugar to roughly equal amounts of carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol via the activity of yeast. Top fermenting makes ales, while bottom fermenting is used to make lagers.

-Growler. A growler is simply a container that’s used for carrying beer at local pubs. Growlers are typically made of glass.

-IPA. You’ve probably heard this term. It stands for “India Pale Ale”, which is a hoppy-style beer within the wider category of pale ales.

-Lager. A lagers is any variety of beer that is made through the bottom fermentation process, typically at relatively low temperatures. Lagers tend to present crisp flavors. Microbreweries Geneva IL usually serve lagers at cooler temperatures.

-Malt. Basically, malt is barley that steeps in water, then germinates in a drum-type container before drying in a kiln later. This converts the insoluble starches within barley into the sugars and soluble substances in malt.

-Mashing. This is the procedure of mixing crushed up malt – and sometimes additional grains – with hot water in order to convert starches into fermentable sugar and non-fermentable carbs. Mashing adds body and other qualities to beer.

-Microbrewery. According to the Brewers Association, Microbreweries Geneva IL produce 15,000 or fewer barrels of beer annually.

Come to Penrose Brewing Company in Geneva, IL to enjoy our extensive menu of top quality ales, lagers, IPAs and more!