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Citra Blast

A tropical wave of citrus blasts through your living room wall like the kool aid man. Like drinking a real hurricane, Citra T-90 and Citra Cryo hops combine to give you that familiar IPA fruit explosion. Pop GTA Vice City in the PS2 and wipe your Dorito fingers on your sweatpants, the joysticks are greasy enough. Let’s have ourselves a blast. ABV: 6.5% AVAILABILITY: 16 Oz. 4- Pack Cans

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Day Off IPA

An easy drinking IPA for those lazy days at the lake. Cashmere and El Dorado hops bring the lemon lime spritz while Mosaic rides the wave with the new school tropical juice. Bright and refreshing, this light 5.7% American IPA will have you hooked with a permanent spot in the cooler. ABV: 5.7% AVAILABILITY: 16 Oz. 4- Pack Cans

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Hiking Boots

Vermont Style Double IPA Spring inspiration blossoms and buds in a nod to some of the original new world IPAs coming out of the Northeast. Hiking Boots is fermented with a variety of yeast referred to as Conan for intense stonefruit aromas to amplify the robust pineapple and peach hop tones from the Cashmere and Simcoe hops. ABV: 8% AVAILABILITY: Coming Soon

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Crocodile Boots

Hazy IPA with Southern Hemisphere Hops A tidal wave of Southern Hemisphere heat washing on the soft and supple layers of Goofy Boots with Enigma, Motueka, and Riwaka hops to bring red currant, white raspberry and pinot gris notes to this beautiful beer. Available Mid-January at the Penrose Taproom in Geneva and your local retailers. ABV: 7.7% AVAILABILITY: 16oz 4-pack Cans

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Mosaic Pilsner

Dry-Hopped Lager Old world style meets new world hops in our Mosaic Pilsner. Brewed with light Pilsner malt it walks a fine line of balance, offering a soft, crisp Lager base and a floral, fruity Mosaic dry-hop aroma. Finishing notes of blueberry muffins and orange candy float on the clean body underneath. Hoppy and Juicy, Crisp and Clean. ABV: 5.2% AVAILABILITY: 16oz 4-pack Cans

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