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Penrose Coconut Caves

Coconut Caves

A luxurious imperial stout aged to perfection for 18 months in Four Roses Bourbon Barrels, infusing it with a complex tapestry of bourbon notes. This opulent brew is then gracefully rested on toasted coconut, imparting a tropical twist that complements the rich chocolate and velvety malt profile, delivering a decadent and indulgent experience. ABV: TBD AVAILABILITY: TBD

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Tangerine Dreamsicle Seltz-Up

Next in the series of the sought after, Lemon Seltz-Up, Tangerine Dreamsicle Seltz-Up includes Tangerine Juice and Vanilla, to bring you back to the days of chasing the ice cream truck and enjoying a cold treat after swimming in your “friend’s” pool. ABV: 6% AVAILABILITY: Arriving back in Early February 2024

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Crocodile Boots

Hazy IPA with Southern Hemisphere Hops A tidal wave of Southern Hemisphere heat washing on the soft and supple layers of Goofy Boots with Nectaron hops to bring red currant, white raspberry and pinot gris notes to this beautiful beer. Available at the Penrose Taproom in Geneva and your local retailers. ABV: 7.7% AVAILABILITY: Arriving back in the swamp, late January 2024

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