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Double Barrel Caves

One barrel wasn’t enough for this super massive beer, it needed a second aging to stand up to the rich Imperial Stout we aged in it. The Illinois whiskey barrels added a warm heat and deep char smoke and the hand selected Kentucky Bourbon Barrels lent a deep cocoa flavor that adds a depth and complexity that provides a balancing leg. ABV: 8.5% AVAILABILITY: 16 Oz. 4- Pack Cans

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The Other Tomorrow

A long overdue collaboration with one of our industry friends, we kept saying – “I thought we were brewing tomorrow?” — “no, the other tomorrow”. For inspiration, we took countless laps around the FOBAB floor years ago dissecting the barleywine category and picking apart our favorite characteristics and flavors. Flash forward something like 4 years later, and the beer we dreamt up was finally put into some uber fresh, subtly spicy bourbon barrels straight from Kentucky. As it aged, we once again asked ourselves, is it ready tomorrow? — No, “the other tomorrow”. An exquisite example of base, barrel and time it exhibits notes of dark maple sugar, rum soaked raisins and molasses cookies. An excellent sipper for the winter months. ABV: 8.5% AVAILABILITY: 16 Oz. 4- Pack Cans

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Snow Boots

Juicy Midwest IPA The temperature isn’t the only thing freezing around here, our hops are too. Using hops processed in a Cryo Process that concentrates the hop goodies, we are able to maximize our aroma compounds and limit the green matter and bitterness / harshness that can come with. Snow Boots debuted last year to a great reception and is a bigger, more hop aromatic version of our Goofy Boots. ABV: 7.5% AVAILABILITY: On Draft, Growler Fills and 16oz 4-pack Cans

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