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Penrose Brewing Utilizing New Experimental Hop Products In Upcoming Releases

GENEVA, IL – Penrose Brewing is excited to celebrate #HopHypeWeek throughout the week of October 16th, showcasing the numerous experimental and groundbreaking ingredients from Yakima Chief Hops being used in upcoming releases. “As the summer turns to fall and leaves begin to fall from the trees, we’re getting super geeked at the brewery over some groundbreaking hop innovations. As most craft beer die-hards know, hops are known as the soul of beer and they can provide a wide array of aromas from fruity, and floral to grassy and woody,” Penrose Brewing Co-Founder and Head Brewer Tom Korder said. Geneva’s Finest – Wet Hopped Saison – YCH 301 Trial – Fresh Frozen Hop Cryo Hops® Brewed up in collaboration with fellow Geneva, Illinois brewery, Art History Brewing, ‘Geneva’s Finest’ features a ground-breaking product, YCH 301 Trial – Fresh Frozen Hop Cryo Hops®. YCH 301 Trial is part of the Yakima Chief Hops Elite Product Trial program. It combines the groundbreaking concept of Frozen Fresh Hops and the innovative technology of Cryo Hops® to pioneer a new way to brew fresh hop ales with a pelletized product. In past brewing traditions, brewers used Wet Hops once per year during the harvest time

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Silo | Hedgerow | Grindstone

Silo | Hedgerow | Grindstone Farmhouse ales have always been a favorite style for us around Penrose, and we recently got to spend some time in the cellar, crafting some rustic saisons with some fun techniques and unique ingredients. Saison is a broad style that really allows a sense of time and place to shine through in the finished beer. The methods we employ and the ingredients we use lend to a unique fermentation and conditioning, which provide a sort of personality to the beer that your olfactory senses can truly interact with. For our base saison, Silo, we wanted to employ some techniques used by some of our favorite farmhouse ale brewers in Belgium. Firstly, we chose to ferment using a yeast similar to that used to ferment Saison Dupont, a benchmark of the style. With the potential for fruity ester production and mildly spicy yet balancing phenolic compounds present in the finished beer, we allowed this fermentation to “free-rise” in a rectangular stainless steel fermentor. The geometry of the vessel as well as the ability for the temperature to increase as heat is produced during primary fermentation lends to that classic saison character we are looking for. Modest

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Goofy Boots Holiday Pack – $55

Goofy Boots Holiday Pack – $55 Goofy Boots T-shirt 2 x Goofy Boots Craft Master Grand 16 oz Glasses Mixed 4 pack of Goofy Boots, Snow Boots, DDH Lotus Goofy Boots, Experimental Goofy Boots w/ Cosmic Punch Yeast On sale on Friday, 12/3/21 Click Here to Purchase  

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2022 Growler Club – $175

2022 Growler Club – $175 Members Only Stainless Growler Stainless Steel Card Bottle Opener One Pre-paid Growler Fill per month Fills do not carry over between months Only available on beers that are available in Growler Fills Please maintain the cleanliness of your growler Must show valid ID of Growler Club member upon pick up Additional Growler fills can be claimed at a 50% discount (limit 1 per visit) 20% off beers while you wait December growler available between 12/26 and 12/31 One Complimentary Birthday Beer Early Access to Tickets for Certain Brewery led events On Sale Friday 12/3/21 Click Here To Purchase  

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2019 Spontaneous : Strawberry

This wild project has been a long time in the works for us here at the brewery. It started with a trip to Madison by one of our brewers to meet up with someone as intrigued with wild fermentation as we were. From there birthed an idea that led to a plan that led to a brew that led to a lot of waiting, blending, and more waiting. In fact, that was the hardest part of this whole thing, the down time. Finally however, we have a beer. One that gets the point across and that speaks speaks more to the native flavors of spontaneous and native fermentation than any other beer that we’ve made so far. To explain a little more about the details of this project, let’s first discuss the fact that yeast and bacteria are all around us. The air you breathe and the surfaces you touch contain little single cell organisms that if given the right conditions can make a magic that we like to call fermentation. The method of harnessing these little critters is nothing new, in fact it has been going on for centuries. Utilizing the naturally occurring yeast in the air allows a

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A Different Kind Of Sour

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami — these are the main flavor components that the human palate can detect and are the basic levels of how we enjoy what goes into our mouth. Whether it’s a well-crafted dish by a local chef, or your go-to beer, oftentimes our favorites incorporate several of these all at once. In beer, we have been well versed on the bitterness of IPAs and the sweetness of our imperial stouts, but the acid component of wild and sour beers is often misunderstood. There are some pretty distinct differences between the main processes of adding acid components to a beer: hot side souring and barrel aging. On the surface, hot side souring is quicker but less complex, while barrel souring can take up to a few years and bring about a balanced and intricate flavor profile. The hot side of beer acidification is usually done in either the mash or the boiling vessel and will be one of the style categories at our Celebration of Funk festival on Saturday, September 30th. At Penrose and many American craft breweries these days, we create a bright, clean acid by adding the bacteria Lactobacillus into the brew kettle for

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Celebrating the funk

When designing our first festival here at Penrose Brewing, we wanted to bring together some of our closest brewing friends who make some of our favorite beer styles. Our focus for this turned to the wild and funkier styles of the world in an effort to help educate people on the similarities and differences between them all. WHAT IS FUNK AND WHY DO WE CELEBRATE IT? We use the term funk here in a loose definition of the way we use the term wild. To us, wild and funk beer means the beer uses non-traditional brewing yeasts or bacteria. By traditional definitions, most beer is either made with Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Saccharomyces pastorianus yeasts. On the ground level, this breaks out to ales vs lagers. However, over the years many additional organisms like Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus have made their way into styles from Berlin to Brussels to London. So funk in this case is used to describe non-traditional beer yeast. Breaking this down, you can still use these in addition to traditional beer years or own their own, giving each use and organism the ability to bring out unique and interesting flavor profiles. For the inaugural year of our

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