Growler Info

Fresh beer is better beer.

We constantly add new beers to our taproom lineup. Many of these beers will never make it beyond the four walls of the brewery - unless, of course, it leaves in your growler. 

Fresh beer from the source is reason #1 to visit Penrose. But if you plan to take our tasty beer home with you, please understand this privilege is not without a fair amount of responsibility. We understand it is our sole purpose in life to provide you pleasure in fermented form, and so long as you follow these 3 simple rules, we should be able to do just that.

Our 3 Simple Rules

  1. A clean growler is a happy growler (and the ONLY kind we fill).
  2. We highly recommend you drink your growler within 24-48 hours.
  3. Once a growler is open, drink it, share it, love it – but do it right away.

We always prefer to send you home with at least one full growler, but here are a few things that could prevent us from doing that.

  1. We reserve the right to refuse a growler fill if we feel your growler is not clean. Check out our Growler Cleaning Tips for more info.
  2. We cannot and will not fill a growler that is cracked, chipped, or visibly scarred from poor handling. Check out our Growler Handling Tips for more info.
  3. We will fill "non-Penrose" branded growlers, but reserve the right to refuse a growler fill if it fails to meet any of the above mentioned safety requirements or if the vessel is of non-standard size / proper quality. We will not fill a clear growler of any kind. 
  4. Not all our beers are available for growler fills. 

Growler Cleaning Tips

  1. The easiest way to clean your growler is to rinse thoroughly with hot water immediately after finishing it. To ensure a thorough clean, rinse twice, then store the growler upside down on a drying rack that allows air to circulate throughout. 
  2. If you use your growler often, you will want to periodically use a sanitizer to get a better clean. We recommend using Star San - cleaning directions provided on the bottle.
  3. If for whatever reason, a growler wasn’t properly cleaned immediately after finishing, you may need a brush + sanitizer to ensure a proper clean. 

Growler Handling Tips

  1. Do not leave your growler in a hot car. 
  2. Do not at anytime toss, juggle, or throw your growler.
  3. Do not leave a full growler in direct sunlight.