Wild 13 & 14 Release


Many folks are upset they did not get bottles of Wild 13 & 14 today, and for this we are sorry we let you down. Although we recognize we should have reduced allocation amounts in an effort to get beer to as many people as possible, we also had no expectation that a crowd of this size would show up in the middle of a workday.

Our last release (Wild 12) was on a Tuesday at 1pm. We had fewer bottles than we did today. Our allocation was 12 per person, and bottle sales continued until well after 7pm that day. We planned for a fairly similar turnout today — obviously we were mistaken.

This is our seventh bottle release since we opened. What we’ve learned from each one has been used to enhance the quality of the experience for the next event. We feel terrible anytime someone has a less than ideal experience with our beer. We feel even worse when it happens within the four walls of our brewery.

We truly appreciate the support from our friends in the local beer community, and your feedback is always welcomed. We hope you trust it is taken to heart in our constant pursuit of improvement.