The Art & Science of Sour


It thrills us to see interest in sour beers continue to grow. And although we recognize the word sour as it relates to beer is often burdened by negative connotation, we see value in focusing on the simplicity of the word as a stepping off point to continue the conversation around these innovative yet often misunderstood beers. With that in mind, we are excited to introduce Deminimus Session Sours to the family of Penrose beers. 

Sour vs. wild

With the introduction of Deminimus, we share accessible and approachable expressions of sour beer. The creation of lactic acid in the brewing process allows us to control how sour the beer will be. This control affords us the opportunity to showcase additional ingredients and more predictably layer structure, flavors, and aromas into each beer. But please note — these beers are not considered wild.

With each new style or iteration within our Codex Series of Wild Ales, we relinquish a bit of control and allow nature to take the lead. The introduction of Brettanomyces and/or other wild bacteria sets fermentation towards an intended destination as our brewers monitor progress along the way, noting the development and maturation of each unique beer before determining it is ready for release. Whether it be a stainless fermented or oak-aged/fermented wild, these beers are not necessarily sour.

Our perception of sour is directly related to acid content in a given liquid. The measurement of acid is referred to as pH. Here are some additional pH measurements to help put things in perspective:

Deminimus Session Sours


The name Deminimus is an adaptation of the latin expression de minimis, meaning "of/about minimal things". A simple, yet powerful word to exemplify the brewing philosophy behind the creation of each style iteration, and ultimately why we chose it as the surname for these new beers.

The broad scope of Deminimus beers will be:

  • Low alcohol by volume, 3.0%-4.5%
  • Target pH range of 3.3-3.6 to create a tart, refreshing and balanced beer.
  • Each iteration represents new perspective aligned with the four seasons of Midwestern beer drinking. 

The first releases in the series include:

Deminimus Blanc — ABV: 3.2% | IBU: 10.5 | pH: 3.35 | June 2015

Bright Gooseberry, lychee and fruit aromas of white grapes from the Hallertau Blanc Hops lead into a dynamic middle before a crisp lactic snap for a bright, tangy finish.

Deminimus Mandarina — ABV: 3.6% | IBU: 12 | pH: 3.4 | July 2015

This 3.6% ABV session sour introduces itself with aromas of tangerines, mangoes and subtle earthiness of Bavaria Mandarina hops before balancing into a mild, malty sweetness and clean acidity.

Deminimus Roux — ABV: 4% | IBU: 14 | pH | 3.45 | August 2015

Huell Melon hops showcase red berry and ripe watermelon characteristics before journeying into a fruity malt balance and a dry, tart finish.

For an in-depth discussion on the Art & Science of Sour, join us at Lincoln Station on Thursday, September 10th as Tom sits on a panel with Phil Wymore of Perennial Artisan Ales and Matt Potts of Destihl to talk about what goes into the production of sour and wild ales.

Be sure to try one of our Deminimus session sours on tap at any of these fine establishements:

Au Cheval, Aurelio's Pizza, Bad Apple, Bad Dog Tavern, Bangers & Lace, Barley & Brass, Barrel & Rye, Barrelhouse Flat, Beer Market, Beer Shop, Beercade II, Beermiscuous, Big Star, Binny's — Marcey, Brixie's, Chuck's Southern Comfort, Dimo's Pizza — Six Corners, Dusek's, Eddie Gaedel Pub & Grill, Elgin Public House, Emporium Arcade Bar, Farmhouse, Fat Pour, Feast — Damen, Fireside Inn, Firkin, First Draft, Flagstone, Fountainhead, Four Moon Tavern, Gammon Coach House, Geneva Ale House, Hackney's — Printer's Row, Headquarters, High Dive, Hopleaf, Hopsmith Tavern, Hub 51, Jake Melnick's, Jerry's — Wicker Park, Jerry's — Andersonville, Kaiser Tiger, Kasey's Tavern, Lassen's Sports Bar, Lincoln Station, Links Taproom, Little Goat Diner, Long Room, Longman & Eagle, Map Room, Maple Tree Inn, Merkle's Bar & Grill, Mill Creek Golf Club, Monk's Pub, Neat Kitchen, Niche, Nobel House, Northdown Cafe & Taproom, Old Town Pour House, Old Town Pub, Old Town Social, Owen & Engine, Parlor, Pazzo's Cucina Italiana, Plank Road Taproom, Pub Royale, Range, Riverview Tavern, Rock Island Public House, Rockwell's Neighborhood Grill, Roots Handmade Pizza, Rootstock, Saddle Room, Scofflaw, Sheffield's, Skylark, Southwater Kitchen, Sovereign, Spotted Fox Ale House, Table Donkey & Stick, Tap House Grill — St. Charles, Tap House Grill — Westmont, The Barrel, The Beer Market, The Beer Temple, The Brass Tap, The Drinking Bird, The Green Lady, The Kitchen Cafe, The Lucky Monk, The Monkey's Paw, The Open Bottle, The Spoke & Bird, The Standard Grill, The Standard Market, Three Aces, Tribes Ale House, Tuman's, Turf Room, Viestro, Village Tap, Warren's Ale House, Whole Foods on Canal, Whole Foods on Kingsbury, Whole Foods Market, Wildwood, World of Beer — Naperville.