Taproom Resumes Indoor Seating


Beginning Wednesday, January 27th, the Taproom will reopen for indoor service. In addition to our normal Phase 4 operating procedures listed here, we had added extra safety measures to keep staff and guests safe. Outdoor seating is still available to any guest who would prefer it.

-ANY guest that chooses to sit inside, will have their temperature taken at the time they check in for a table.

-Tables are spaced 6+ feet apart and seating is staggered from Taproom to Barrel cellar to promote proper distancing between each party.

-Masks are still required any time you are not at your table and any time you are interacting with staff.

-All bar seating is still prohibited and safety shields have been installed to protect the bar staff and supplies behind the bar. 

-Air purifiers have been installed to continually purify the indoor spaces.

-Windows and doors will be opened periodically to introduce fresh outdoor air into the Taproom and Barrel Cellar. 

-The HVAC system has been set to keep fans on constantly to ensure proper air flow throughout the Taproom and Barrel Cellar. 

- Restrooms and high touch points will be sanitized at regular intervals by our staff.

-All tables and benches/chairs are wiped down between every guest, before opening, and at closing.

-Fresh outside air is introduced in the Taproom and Barrel Cellar at close and an hour before opening.

- If you are feeling sick, diagnosed sick, or feeling under the weather, please do not come to the taproom.

- Our staff has the right to ask that you follow all of these requirements in accordance with the CDC, State of Illinois, Kane County Health Department and City of Geneva. If you choose to not follow these requirements, our staff will politely ask you to leave the premises. We want you to be safe and to ensure the health and safety of our employees and for everyone to have a good time.

- All of these items are subject to change based on government directives, both local, state and federal. We reserve the right to update our policies weekly, daily, or even hourly as we see fit to keep everyone safe and healthy.