Proto Gradus and P-2 12 ounce bottle withdraw for inspection.


It has come to our attention that 12 ounce bottles of Proto Gradus dated 6/23/14 and 6/24/14, as well as 12 ounce bottles of P-2 dated 6/27/14 and 6/28/14 may have secondary fermentation occurring in the bottle, and no longer meet our quality assurance standards. If you are in possession of these bottles, the brewery recommends you carefully dispose of them immediately. Although there is no health risk related to consumption of these beers, the integrity of the bottle is in question, and all remaining inventory at retail will be withdrawn from the market for further brewery inspection. 

We truly appreciate the early support of our friends, neighbors, and local business partners, and rest assured we are taking all possible corrective measures to avoid further issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to

Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration.