Another Wild Release


Shortly after 10am on December 20th, 2014 we came to the unfortunate realization that we were drastically underprepared for our first bottle release.  Best guess assumptions that maybe 100 fresh faces would show up bright and early to be the first to grab bottles of Wild V & VI seemed bold and perhaps unfounded for a nine month old brewery. So we opened our doors at 11am and did the very best we could to move as fast as slow technology would allow.

Logistical shortcomings aside – we were incredibly thrilled to see close to 300 people waiting to get at those bottles.  And now we know we need to plan accordingly.

For those folks coming back for Wild VII & VIII – here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Delicious beers – both Wild VII & VIII will be on draught in the taproom and available in 4oz pours so we can get it to more people. When those kegs kick, we have a dynamite new wildly fermented saison (and plenty of it) to back ‘em up.
  • It’s bitter-ass cold in January, so in order to keep folks from freezing, we’re going to allow early arrivals to line up in the brewery starting at 9am and will do our very best to provide indoor accommodations to as many people as space allows.
  • We are making our brewery bathroom available for use before the taproom opens – please do not pee in trench drains.
  • Although bottles will not go on sale until 11am, we will start handing out tickets at 10:30am.  With limited bottle availability, this should ensure folks aren’t spending any unnecessary time in line.  
  • We have doubled down on our POS system – twice as many iPad registers for both bottle orders and taproom bar service. Oh – and we are accepting cash for bottle purchases - but bottle purchases ONLY.

Our friends from Nobel House will be back and serving food again, but this time we’re repositioning their space so they can serve the line before bottles go on sale. Breakfast is now on the menu. And of course, the good dudes from FreshGround (our neighbors from across the parking lot) will be providing complimentary coffee bright and early while supplies last.

Last thought – bring a few single dollar bills. You can thank us later.

Video shot and edited by our friend Tyler Jackson at Northbound Pictures.