Fresh Beer Near You


You can now find fresh canned beer throughout the entire state!  Swing by the taproom to stock up, or visit your local bottle shop to stock up on a 4pk of Cherry Rosé, Double Dorado, Session Sour or Stevens Street.


Cherry Rosé - Kettle Sour w/ Cherries

Drawing its pink hue from the addition of cherries, this next step in our kettle-sour series combines a fruity tartness with Rosé like brightnes - perfect for all of your brunching needs and beyond. ABV: 4.7% IBU: 35


Double Dorado - Double Midwest IPA

It's like The Dorado, just more. Double the hops with a bigger, softer wheat body. This Double Midwest IPA will transport you to exotic lands of sticky hops growing amongst orchards of ripe tropical fruit. We call it a Midwest IPA because we're in the midwest, and it was made here. Enjoy the wheat softness and burst of hop aroma. ABV: 10.3% IBU: 45


Session Sour - Kettle Sour w/ Amarillo Hops

Utilizing a kettle souring process for our Session Sour, we add Amarillo hops to bring a citrusy grapefruit pop to welcome a clean tartness and shandy-like brightness. ABV: 4.0% IBU: 15


Stevens Street - Double Dry-Hopped APA

A bright punch of citrusy Amarillo hops are accentuated with light resinous Chinooks and dank Simcoes which all sit atop a light, bready maly body in this drinkable American Pale Ale. ABV: 5.3% IBU: 45